Huntlee Fitness Gym in NSW

huntlee Fitness

We want to help shape and change the lives of the community in The Hunter. We’ll be your support network, cheer you on, watch you grow and celebrate all your little wins.

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Our core beliefs


Huntlee Fitness is one of a kind. It's run by locals- we’re the gym for you because we also are you. The Hunter community is our world, so we’re always here to listen and put your needs first.


Going to the gym isn’t just about physical health anymore, mental health is just as important. Our Wellness Room centres around relaxation, recovery and rest- as you need to look after your mind as much as your body.


We know you’re busy. Between work life, social life, parent life and everything in between… you need the flexibility to choose. That’s why we will be open 24/7, have motivating classes mornings and nights, and even a flexible membership.

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